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Haunting Amanda by Bret Paris

Haunting Amanda

Haunting Amanda - Bret Paris

A troubled heiress, responsible for a horrible death, is released from rehab to the custody of her husband to live in their new, ultra-modern mansion.

The house is modern, with every convenience, including Albert, an artificial intelligence designed to fulfill her every wish. Guy Pierson is determined to leave the past behind. This is their chance to start anew and rekindle the love they once shared.

Haunting Amanda - Bret Paris
Gabriel's Rule by Bret Paris Writer

Gabriel's Rule

Gabriel's Rule by Bret Paris Writer

America is under attack.The richest men in the land are targets of an elite killer. He's a master of dialect and disguise. A man who elevates assassination to an art. His name, Gabriel.

Enduring excruciating torture at the hands of his Iraqi captors, Gabriel vowed revenge on those that betrayed him. His path leads him to the wealthy industrialists responsible for the war in Iraq. The first to die would be the easiest. A blast of cyanide and Hatch Sinclair’s heart seizes. He’s dead before he hits the deck of his yacht.


Hideous - Bret Paris

Eve Cartwright, a renowned reporter with a tormented and tragic past, is paroled to the isolated town of Hollow Creek. Her life there is one level above hell

She has landed in a town without heart, without a soul, without children. A town hiding a horrific secret. Eve lives a daily nightmare of savage locals and a sadistic Sheriff. Each night, nightmares of her dead daughter come to her in a whiskey laden sleep. Killing your own child, even by accident, screws with your mind.

Hideous Written by Bret Paris

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