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Bret Paris, often been described as a Renaissance man, a Teacher, Golf Professional, Chemist, Professional Photographer, and Former Professional baseball player

Drafted by the San Francisco Giants later traded to the St. Louis Cardinals where he took upon the duties of Player/coach at the age of Twenty-two.

After retiring from Baseball early he returned to his native state of California to begin and own a prosperous Photography company stretching all the way to the Pacific islands of Hawaii. This photographic endeavor would eventually lead to his branching out into Chemistry itself by the first inception of photographic images onto non-porous substances, leading to the first patent of U/V cured chemicals for sublimation transference onto glass and ceramic material.

Coming from a diametrically opposed familial setting of a Military Father, who himself was a teacher for thirty years after his military service, and a champion of Women’s rights and Leftist Mother, who owned and operated a well established Publishing company in Southern California, the range of spectrum within his upbringing always stirred questions and imagination as well as instilling a constant thread within his personality of dedication to each and all manner of Craftmanship. From those beginning stages of Life, despite all else, was the core desire and passion to become a writer of Novels and Screenplays. In High school and College, he fashioned himself a poet writing prose constantly. Now the Author of two published novels, Gabriel’s Rule and Hideous, and with options on several screenplays, including The Sun Also Sets, a semifinalist in the 2017 Nichol fellowship, a lifelong pursuit has found its way into the literary world for readers across the world

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If variety is the spice of Life, Bret Paris might

If variety is the spice of Life, Bret Paris might

If variety is the spice of Life, Bret Paris might

If variety is the spice of Life, Bret Paris might be considered the salt of it. he has worn the hats of a professional athlete. photographer, inventor, business man, novelist / screenwriter. He’s written a number of screenplays. The Last Angry Man, Shutter, Diamonds in the Rough, Bushmaster, and The Dealer. His screenplay,The Sun Also was a semi-finalist for the Academy


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